Workshop Attendee Survey - Generic

I attended as a:
Race/Ethnicity (Check all that apply)
What is your gender identity?
What is the highest level of education you have completed?
Which of the following best describes the area you live in?
I have experienced emotional distress due to my/my loved one’s cancer.
The social and emotional effects of cancer, and their impact on my life, have been adequately addressed by my health care team.
How knowledgeable were you about this topic BEFORE this workshop?
How knowledgeable are you about this topic AFTER this workshop?
Before this workshop I:
Made treatment decisions in partnership with my health care team
Asked my doctor about ways to deal with and manage side effects of cancer treatment
Knew how to cope with the emotional effects of the cancer experience
As a result of this workshop:
I am confident I can make treatment decisions in partnership with my health care team.
I am confident I can ask my health care team questions about side effects of cancer and its treatment.
I feel better prepared to emotionally cope with this cancer experience.
I would recommend this workshop to others with cancer and their loved ones.
Besides workshops, where do you seek information about cancer treatments? (Check all that apply)
What was your primary cancer diagnosis?
Do you have metastatic/advanced cancer?
How long has it been since you were first diagnosed with cancer?
Are you currently in active treatment for your cancer?
What kind of treatment have you received/are you currently receiving? (Check all that apply)
Have you participated in a cancer clinical trial?